“His world vision, his heart, his ability to cut to the core of what makes humanity tick, what makes humanity ugly, what makes humanity beautiful–it all should be required reading for everybody.”

BULL magazine

"The overall effect is disturbing -- in a good way. These stories make us think." Best New Fiction


From "Head" (The Dark Will End the Dark)

The hospital notified the wife, who left her yoga class to be with him. She stroked the husband’s chest and held his hand. He lay with his face toward her, his blue eyes wooden. It was unnerving, this deserted stare. His bloodless cheeks appeared deflated, or perhaps this was an effect of the milky light filtering through the curtains.

It had been weeks, the wife realized, since she’d bothered to really see him. He’d become a collection of parts and impressions: a mouth, an arm, dirty socks, Barbasol. Studying him now, he scarcely resembled the man she’d married. This thing on the bed was a sculptor’s rendition, a mannequin.

The lining of the wife’s skirt caused her knees to itch. A chill rode her body. The diagnosis made no sense. A dead head? Was this a joke?