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The Beast in Aisle 34


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Praise for The Beast in Aisle 34

"...a poignant character study that alternates between humor and more intense action sequences. The novel evokes the sardonic wit of Mark Haddon mixed with Christopher Moore. Fans of the novel Mongrels by Stephen Graham Jones and of Grady Hendrix’s work will enjoy Doyle’s latest offering."

ALA Booklist

“The Beast in Aisle 34...will appeal to fans of John Landis's American Werewolf in London and Mongrels by Stephen Graham Jones, and anyone hungry for an original, witty character study wrapped in the bloodsoaked pages of a horror novel.”

                                Rue Morgue magazine

“In terms of internal life, Doyle has done nothing less than do for werewolves what Alan Moore did for superheroes in The Watchmen. He’s taken off the big mask, the ugly snarling werewolf maw, and shown that we’re all wearing masks and becoming different creatures every once in a while.”

Purple Wall Stories

“In tight, lucid prose that shifts between darkly comedic and macabre, The Beast in Aisle 34 transforms several times as you hold the book in your hands, becoming loving, monstrous, introspective, philosophical, funny, creepy, and always, always covered in matted fur.”

Great Lakes Review

“(Doyle) is not afraid to pose difficult, uncomfortable questions through his not-quite-unlikeable protagonist, and as I read, and judged, and gasped my way through Sandy’s darkly funny, grotesquely violent journey toward self-empowerment I found I didn’t necessarily have as many answers as I thought I did.”

The Daily Grind
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