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Short Fiction

“Second Home” at Purple Wall Stories


“Dangling Joe” at The Other Stories


“Outline” at Okay Donkey


“Festivity” at Moonchild Magazine


“Sessions” at Five:2:One



“The Kids in West End” at The Offbeat (Print)


“Water Fowl” at Spelk


“A Fine Time” at (b)OINK



“Session 1” at Five:2:One The Sideshow


“Insert Name” at The Summerset Review

“Twilford Baines, Buck Hunter Unbounded” at Route 7 Review


“Snow, Lightly Falling” at Squawk Back


“The Lumping” at Passages North


“Big Winner” at Superstition Review


“The Search for Boyle” at Word Riot


“Head” in BULL: Men’s Fiction #5 (Print)


“Engagement” at Newfound Journal


“A Four-Letter Word for Exchange” at Pure Coincidence (Print)


“If the Invisible Man Dies and Nobody Sees it, Does He Really Die?” in Redivider Issue 9.2 (Print)


“Eyes,” “Neck,” “Mouth” in Toad


“Hand” in Blackbird


“The House on Eastern Avenue” in Prime Number (Prime Decimals 3.7)


“Penis” in elimae


“The Hiccup King” in Snake Nation Review (Defunct)


“Blackout” in Main Street Rag Anthology: Commutability


“Foot” in Waccamaw Journal


“Sores” in Puerto del Sol (Print)


“Happy Turkey Day” in The Long Story (Defunct)


“My Dead” in H_NGM_N (Defunct)

“Ha-Ha, Shirt” in Night Train (Defunct)


“In the Moment” in Cottonwood (Print)


“Tugboat to Traverse City” in Alaska Quarterly Review (Print)


“The Odds” in Antietam Review (Defunct)


“Barney Hester” in Harpur Palate (Print)


“Dog People” in The Laurel Review (Print)


“Presents” in The MacGuffin (Print)


“Poor, Poor Ralph” in LitRag (Defunct)


Largehearted Boy Playlist for Big Baby Crime Spree

"If My Book" essay for Big Baby Crime Spree at Monkeybicycle


Interview with Rob McLennan Blog

"One Question" at Hypertext

"No Laughing Matter" Guest Blog Post at Superstition Review


"If My Book" essay for Scoundrels at Monkeybicycle


"My First Time" essay - Quivering Pen


"Research Notes" at Necessary Fiction


Interview with BULL


Interview with HOBART


"Get the Most out of That Smile!  Descriptions With Meaning and  Purpose" at Superstition Review


John Warner’s Tough Day for the Army at Best New Fiction (Defunct)


"The Dirty Truth about Film Adaptation"  at Superstition Review


Colin Winnette’s Fondly in Lit Pub


“Write What You Don’t Know” at Superstition Review


“What’s Not to Like?” at Superstition Review

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